NIC.BW’s Registry Operator Ms. Angela Matlapeng has been recently appointed as 1 of 3 Directors forming the Executive Committee of the Africa Top Level Domain organization - AfTLD. She is the youngest Exco member and the second female to be part of AfTLD Exco. Angela was nominated and voted for during the Annual Meeting of the AfTLD that was held at the conclusion of the Africa Internet Summit that was held in Kampala, Uganda in June 2019. Ms. Matlapeng was only 6 months into the job at BOCRA as Interim Registry Operator and fairly new to the Domain name ecosystem when she got appointed. Despite this, the AfTLD and Ms. Matlapeng continue to thrive participating in regional and international meetings such as the PRIDA and ICANN in efforts to enhance ccTLD management in the African continent. The Africa Top Level Domains Organization (AFTLD) is the association of country code top level domain registry (ccTLD) managers in the Africa region with the main objective to help African ccTLD managers discuss issues regarding the efficient management of ccTLDs suitable for growth. Visit the AfTLD website.