BOCRA the .bw Registry has continuously participated actively in international events around the DNS such as the ITU, ICANN, AIS and IGF. This is in efforts to remain relevant and up to date with the ever-changing technologies and standards. BOCRA recently hosted a remote hub to allow involved stakeholders and the public to participate in the 2019 IGF that was physically held in Berlin, Germany in November 2019. The ccTLD also participated in all the 2019 ICANN meetings which challenged the .bw ccTLD to re-evaluate and strengthen its management and most importantly increase its visibility regionally and globally. Mr. Kepaletswe the Chief Technology Officer under whom .bw operates, is an active member of the GAC at the ICANN. He has consecutively engaged local stakeholders in participating in various matters around the DNS, policy making, conducting local awareness workshops and encourages his team to fully engage as well.